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                                • St.Stephen's College has made the inner perimeter of the campus out of bounds for everyone due to Covid-19 threat. (Hindustan Times)
                                  St.Stephen's College has made the inner perimeter of the campus out of bounds for everyone due to Covid-19 threat. (Hindustan Times)

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                                      On Friday, the national capital saw over 3,500 fresh cases of Covid-19 and 14 deaths from the disease with a daily positivity rate of 4.11%.

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                                                    1. By HT Correspondent | Edited by Abhinav Sahay

                                                        UPDATED ON APR 03, 2021 10:33 AM IST

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                                                              • At least 13 students and two staff members of Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday morning, leading to enforcement of stringent Covid-19 protocols on the campus and questions if a college trip—suspected to be the reason behind the infections-- organised in late March was done without relevant permissions, said college authorities and staff.

                                                                A member of the college’s governing body on Friday wrote to the principal questioning the timing of the trip.”Why was this trip organised by the college officials in the times of Covid pandemic? Was the permission of the University of Delhi and the State Government taken for organising such a trip in pandemic times?,” asked the letter.

                                                                • In response, college principal John K Varghese confirmed that the dean of residence and the security in-charge of the college, who accompanied the students on the trip, had also tested positive. The principal said the trip was organised after parents’ consent. “Please be informed that the Dean’s Office is aware of the situation and necessary steps have already been taken in consultation with medical and civic authorities,” he said.

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                                                                        A college staff requesting anonymity said around two dozen hostel students returned from the trip to Dalhousie, organised by the college, on March 31 and were tested after developing symptoms.

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                                                                        The development came on the day when the national capital reported over 3,500 fresh cases of Covid-19 and 14 deaths with a daily positivity rate of 4.11%. The Delhi government has said that the fourth wave of the infection is underway in the national Capital but chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has ruled out imposing lockdown in the capital, however, experts feel regions such as Delhi, which are witnessing a rapid surge in cases, need to impose restrictions before it is too late.

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                                                                          The college, earlier on Friday, announced that thirteen hostellers had tested positive, following which the dean’s office had put in place “necessary and stringent measures to ensure isolation and social distancing for all residents with the usual Covid protocols.”

                                                                          1. The college said its “inner perimeter” will be kept out of bounds for everyone on the campus “unless specific clearance was given by the principal.” The outer perimeter may be accessed “by those with relevant and regular work after due process at the security counter.”

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                                                                                  “Faculty who are scheduled to come to college may defer their coming till a notification informs them of an improvement in the situation. There is no reason for panic and please await further information on the situation…” Principal Varghese said in the notice.

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