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Law 0 Preamble to the Laws: Spirit of Cricket; Setting up the game. Law 1 The players; Law 2 The umpires; Law 3 The scorers; Law 4 The ball; Law 5 The bat; Law 8 The wickets; Law 9 Preparation and maintenance of the playing area; Law 10 Covering the pitch; Law 11 Intervals; Law 12 Start of play; cessation of play; Law 6 The pitch; Law 7 The creases; Innings & results. Law 13 Innings

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The Laws today Setting up the game. The first 12 Laws cover the players and officials, basic equipment, pitch specifications and... Innings and Result. Laws 13 to 16 outline the structure of the game including how one team can beat the other. Law 13:... Unfair play. Law 41: Unfair play. There are a ...

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MCC’s Official Laws of Cricket App, available on Android and IOS. The app includes: - The complete Laws of the game of cricket. - Detailed guides and examples. - Animated Video guides for the most common Law queries. - Videos of all umpire signals. - The Laws of Cricket quiz, with three levels of difficulty. All 42 Laws are presented in an ...

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One of the main cricket rules is that for batsmen to score runs they must run to each other’s end of the pitch (from one end to the other). In doing this one run is scored. Cricket rules state they may run multiple runs per shot. As well as running they can also score runs by hitting boundaries.

The Laws of Cricket

The laws of cricket are a set of rules established by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which describe the laws of cricket worldwide, to ensure uniformity and fairness. There are currently 42 laws, which outline all aspects of how the game is played from how a team wins a game, how a batsman is dismissed, through to specifications on how the pitch is to be prepared and maintained.


The MCC Laws of Cricket provide the framework around which all cricket matches are based. Individual leagues and governing bodies then add their own playing regulations on top, amending the Laws to suit the differing needs of, for example, matches in junior cricket, T20 matches and Test matches. In almost all cases, the fundamentals

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The ICC Future Tours Programme (FTP) is a schedule of international cricket tours which structure the programme of cricket for ICC's full members with teams playing bilateral cricket home and away and organised by the host. ICC Future Tours Programme (FTP) 2019-2023.

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The original The Laws of the Game of Cricket were written at the Star and Garter public house in Pall Mall in 1744. A gathering of a group of players from various local cricket clubs set down the agreed upon rules for their game, many of which remain largely unchanged in the modern game.