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Baseball offensive situations, use every weapon available to keep your opponents under pressure, at all times! While it is often labeled as small ball, and sometimes looked at as something to be used only if you can't do anything else, this is a major component to the game. If a team is ready and willing to use all the weapons available in this situational arsenal, great advantages can be created by the pressure put squarely on all members of the opposing defense.


Rule 6.01, Definitions of Terms (Interference (a)): While contact may occur between a fielder and runner during a tag attempt, a runner is not allowed to use his hands or arms to commit an obviously malicious or unsportsmanlike act—such as grabbing, tackling, intentionally slapping at the baseball, punching, kicking, flagrantly using his arms or forearms, etc.—to commit an intentional act of interference unrelated to running the bases.

Baseball: Offensive and Defensive Strategy

In team offensive strategy, the baseball coach or manager may make certain calls based on the game situation. One play is called ht hit-and-run. This is case where a base runner starts running as soon as the pitcher throws the pitch. The batter is then supposed to try and make contact with the ball.

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Once the hitter makes contact with the ball and gets a hit, he becomes a base runner and must safely reach each base in succession. The ultimate goal of each offensive player is to make his way around the bases and cross home plate, thereby scoring a run. When a hitter is at the plate, he is considered to be at bat. During an at bat, the pitcher of the opposing team throws the ball to the catcher, and the hitter tries to hit the ball with the bat before it reaches the catcher.

2019 Official Baseball Rules 2019 Official Baseball Rules

2019 Official Baseball Rules_2019 Official Baseball Rules 3/26/2019 5:16 PM Page vi vii † Established new Rule 5.10(m)(4) regarding enforcement of mound visits.

The Basic Rules of Baseball

Each player of the offensive team shall bat in the order that his name appears in his team's batting order. The first batter in each inning after the first inning shall be the player whose name follows that of the last player who legally completed his time at bat in the preceding inning.

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During the course of play many offensive and defensive players run close to each other, and during tag plays, the defensive player must touch the offensive player. Although baseball is considered a non-contact sport, a runner may be allowed to make potentially dangerous contact with a fielder as part of an attempt to reach base, unless that fielder is fielding a batted ball.

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Baseball Rules Object of the Game. The object of baseball is to score more runs than your opponent. The idea is to hit the ball thrown... Players & Equipment. A game is played out between two teams, each made up of 9 players. The game lasts for 9 innings... Scoring. To score, a batter must hit the ...