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How Many Tennis Balls?

Thus, the volume of the ball is about 8 cubic inches. Volume of Commons Room= 25’ x 28’ x 9’= 6300 cubic feet = 10,886,400 cubic inches. Total volume to be subtracted from total room volume = 717,030 cubic inches. Volume of short cabinets = 18” x 35” x 136”= 85,680 cubic inches.

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Given that the diameter of a tennis ball is 6.58 cm; the radius of the sphere is: r = 1 2 6.58 cm. r = 3.29 cm. Assuming that the tennis ball is a sphere, then its volume is: V = 4 3 πr3. V = 4 3 π(3.29 cm)3. V ≈ 149 cm3.

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Tennis Balls have a diameter of 2.575”-2.7” (6.54-6.86 cm) and circumference of 8.09”-8.48” (20.6-21.5 cm). The mass of a Tennis Ball must be between 1.975-2.095 oz (56-59.4 g). A Tennis Ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis.

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A tennis ball that I have here is 2 1/4 inches across, with 1/8 inch thick rubber all around. So the open space inside is 2 inches across (the diameter is 2 inches). The radius (r) is half of that, so r=1 inch. So the volume of the inside of the ball is 4/3*pi (pi=3.14) inches^3 = 4.2 inches^3.

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Did you ever wonder how much is the size of the tennis ball? How much is its Area and volume?If yes, then watch this short video example in which we will fin...

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Modern tennis balls must conform to certain criteria for size, weight, deformation, and bounce criteria to be approved for regulation play. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines the official diameter as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches). Balls must have masses in the range 56.0–59.4 g (1.98–2.10 ounces). Yellow and white are the only colors approved by the ITF, and most balls produced are a fluorescent yellow known as "optic yellow", first introduced in 1972 following ...

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The official diameter of a tennis ball, as defined by the International Tennis Federation, is at least 2.575 inches and at most 2.700 inches. Tennis balls are sold in cylindrical containers that contain three balls each. To model the container and the balls in it, we will assume that the balls are 2.7 inches in diameter and that the container is a cylinder the interior of which measures 2.7 inches in diameter and inches high.

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When you use a balance scale to find the mass of these 3 balls, their masses are very different. Our results looked like this: Basketball rubber ball- 18g Tennis ball- 58 g Baseball- 148g Then we discussed the differences between each ball's mass versus its volume. The baseball had a lot more mass in the same amount of space than the other two ...