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1. overgrips feel nice, 2. easier to replace than a replacement grip, 3. to build 1/2 of a grip size. my hand is too small for a 4 3/8 grip, but too small for a 4 1/2 grip, so i use 4 3/8 and an overgrip to make it 4 3.5/8. exactly like what someone else said before me. W.

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Overgrips help to prolong the life of a grip/replacement grip. Some professional tennis players will replace an overgrip multiple times during a match, but won’t touch the actual grip during the match. If you don’t use overgrips, use a replacement grip when your racquet handle feels too smooth or not how you prefer it.

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Why use overgrip? The reason tennis players use overgrip is because the original stock grips on a racquet are very hard and thin. They can wear down easily and become costly to replace. Using an overgrip preserves the original grip and is much more cost effective than having to replace it altogether.

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Why Use Overgrips On Tennis R... Welcome 👋 Everyone!This video 📜 is about the use of overgrips on tennis racquets and how they compare to replacement grips.

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There is no better feeling than playing with a racquet that has a fresh overgrip put on it. Also, if you have never played tennis before, or you’ve made a big pause – you’re bound to get a mild case of blisters the first time you grab that racquet, so use overgrips to counter the effects of it.

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Why Replace Overgrips Increase Traction. The primary reason players use overgrips is to increase traction and prevent the racquet from... Absorb Sweat. As you’ve probably experienced yourself, when you start sweating, it can become challenging to maintain a... Reduce Blisters and Injuries. Using a ...

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Tennis Warehouse's "VLOGman" teaches all about overgrips! What are some of our favorites, when to replace your overgrip and more!

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Another key reason why tennis players will use an overgrip is comfort. Again, whilst some players actually like the feel of a bare replacement grip, the majority of players prefer a more cushioned feel. This is because it provides additional padding and sponginess that makes the racket feel softer in the hand.